Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ok so here are a few updates

We finally moved into our new house and its huge and needs some work. I have painted and cleaned the main areas. I redid the kitchen cabinets (paint) and since the builder builds them on sight they're not the normal (standard) size. Because when I was unpacking and putting my expandable silverwar holder into the drawer the drawer was 1/2 an inch short! I couldn't believe it. I was so mad. So my husband had to rework the drawer and remove the expander. Totally upset. It fit in my old kitchen. I hate custom cabinetry and I have throughout my house.

I'm in the process of removing the wallpaper upper boarder in the Master Bath. I hate wall paper with a passion. I have to get it removed before we rip up the carpet and tile. Which brings me to my next rant: Why would someone put carpet in a bathroom? Why? That's gross. So we will be removing the carpet and the tile to replace it all with new tile. I'm debating if I should put tile into the closet and get rid of the nasty carpet. Then I worry about resale value and if I would like tile in my closet. Any suggestions? (I probably won't get a response since I haven't posted in awhile) Oh well.

I have other big new but I don't want to post it yet.