Monday, February 23, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

Here's some back story before I get started with the Awkwardness. I am able to sleep with my eyes open. I have been able to do this since I was a baby. I perfected this in junior high/high school so I could sleep in really boring classes.

Ok so here's the story....

I think this happened when I was in junior high or freshman/sophomore in high school. My sister was back from college visiting. I know that it was either a Sat/Sunday afternoon.

I was laying on the couch watching TV and must have fell asleep. My sister came into the room and started to talk to me. About 5 minutes into the conversation she realized that I wasn't paying attention to her. She walked up to me and waved her hand in front of my face. When I didn't blink or respond she then jumped back and concluded that I was sleeping with my eyes open. It freaked her out.

After I woke up later that afternoon she told me what happened while I was sleeping. We laughed and she said that was really freaky and AWKWARD!

Busy week

I've been kinda busy this last week and didn't post anything. Whoops. I've been contemplating going back to school. To the point that I've applied to a school and filled out financial aid. I'm trying to not be wishy washy about it. I think I might be crazy sometimes. We'll see.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

So I'm bored and I have done just about everything possible to be unbored and its not working. So I thought I would a blog on random thoughts in my head (well of course they're in my head that would be weird if the thoughts were in your head) Ok anyway here goes........

How come 5 gum doesn't lose flavor? I usually get sick of chewing it and spit it out after about an hour but it still has flavor.
Oh and I love to spit gum out of the car window. I don't know why but I think its really cool and fun.
I'm very happy today for obvious reasons....ITS THURSDAY!!!!! I'm excited to watch The Office tonight.
What would one do if Michael was really their boss. I think I would go nuts or die from laughing all the time. I do know that I would have great stories for Totally Awkward Tuesdays though.

Sorry I had to answer some emails.
Drumming my fingers is fun. I often try to do a different random beat when I do it but I always end up doing the same format, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky.
Valentines day is Saturday I would tell what I plan on getting my Hubby but he reads this so I won't. Haha fooled ya!!
This blog is letting him really know what he married', the crazy girl. J/k. Maybe.
ANyway I hate Valentines day! I think its dumb. But I still want presents for it. But nothing overboard. This guy this morning on the radio was spending over $500 on his wife of 1year! That's crazy. He got her a watch and a necklace.
I think this post just went way too random so I'm going to stop now and leave you with these thoughts.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

Ok so one New Years Hubby and I decided to play it low key and not go out to the bars. Our friends Jon and Sara were doing the same thing. So we decided to have dinner together at a nice resturant and then go back to Jon and Sara's to drink and ring in the New Year.
Ya know how when you're drinking and decide that the person you're drinking with is really awesome and you can tell anything. Well that's what was happening.
I guess after a lot of drinks I feel like sharing my real feelings for people. It doesn't matter if I've known you for 5minutes or 5 years. And when I share my feelings there's no b/s, I hold nothing back. Well Sara proceeds to tell me that when she first met me (2yrs ago) she thought I was a bitch. I tell her no big deal a lot of people think that cuz I also hold nothing back and am brutally honest and I'm a take charge kind of girl.
I figure since we're sharing our feelings I tell her that I thought she was fat.
Ok I know, I know, how could I say that!
I'm mean.
I get that I don't like you very much anymore look and that wasn't cool. I get the feeling that its time for Hubby and me to leave.
Jon and Hubby both look at us like is there going to be a cat fight.
Of course I appologized. But you know I didn't get mad about being called a bitch. We were sharing.

BTW Hubby informed me that when I first met Sara that was at her all time skinniest.

Ok I'm rude. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Married and Dating?

So there's this website that is like all the dating websites except its for married people. The creator of the company started it because he felt that a lot of married people use the dating websites so why not make one exclusively for people that want to have an affair. This way both parties know what they're getting into.
The only reason I heard about this website is because TEXAS was the only state that showed the commercial during the Super Bowl. Apparently this website is very big internationally and Texas is the one state that has the most clients compared to all the other states. How sad is that??
BTW...I'm sure you can figure out what the website is called...I'm not promoting it..
I guess by me talking about it I might be promoting it and I realize that but I'm still not for it!

Here's the commercial.

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I've been trying to think of awkward things that have happened to me and I'm working on remembering some of the things. I think I'm just trying to block them from my memory.
But today the awkward thing happened, so here goes.....

I had to drop off some paper work at another builing so on my way back to my office I decided to stop at Jack in the Box, for a smoothie. Its the only thing that I will order from there. I pull up to the drive thru line but its pretty backed up so I decide to go inside. I back into a parking spot and go inside. I come out 5 minutes later with my delicious smoothie. Not really paying attention I press the unlock button on the key fob and walk up to my car. I get next to the car and notice how exceptionally nice the car looks and then I think did I park this close? I look up and notice my car parked 2 spaces down. Duh-oh.
I then look around to make sure no one saw me and hurry up and get into my car and drive off.

I'm back at work telling my co-workers the story when we look out the window and there's this guy who is going to get into the driver's side of his SUV but opens the back door instead. He then realizes what he did gets out and gets in the driver's door. But not before he looked around to see if anyone saw what he did.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm mean

I'm watching the Super Bowl and the Cheetos commercial comes on where the one girl in talking on the phone and is totally annoying while the other lady is trying to eat her lunch. They're sitting outside too. So the lady eating her lunch looks over at the next table and Chester Cheeta is sitting there and says " Yeah" So the lady eating her lunch throws some Cheetos on the ground under the annoing lady's chair. So then she gets attacked by pidgions.

Let me just say AWESOME commercial.

So Hubby looks at me laughs and says "You would do that wouldn't you?"

Let me just say

YES, I would!