Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm. Bad blogger, I know. I haven't posted in some time only because life happened and I got wrapped up into it. Anyway, here are some things that have been going on:
1. We are finally settled into our house.
2. We will be hosting Thanksgiving
3. We are pregnant again. Ok so you ask again? Well I had a miscarrage a couple of months ago and not being one to give up, we are pregnant again. We goto the Dr in December to confirm. Right now I'm probably at 5 1/2weeks. I'm hoping that this time we will have a better out come. So my due date is around the end of July. I'm only having a little nauseau but no vomitting. Hubs says I need to tell my sister. I should but I'm waiting. We will see how things go. I'm still aprehensive since the M/C.

So that's the big news. I will try to blog more.