Friday, March 27, 2009

Relaxing Weekend Ahead

This weekend we don't have anything planned and I'm super excited. I only have a hair appointment but besides that nothing is going on. We don't have to be anywhere or really do anything. I love looking forward to lazy days. Plus I've been sick with a cold so doing stuff doesn't sound fun at all!
Happy Friday everyone and have a good weekend. I know I will.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Freaky Fridays

So I'm following Adriana's post and posting a Freaky Friday story. Its a true story and not as freaky as her story which you can read here.

Here's the back story...
My ex boyfriend and I dated for 2 1/2 years, we lived together and he always referred to me as the wife when we would go out. Usually he was drunk and I would have to put up with him. He had this problem of blacking out when he was drinking. Anyway we broke up and after about 4 months we didn't talk at all. I ended up moving like 10 blocks away but we never ran into each other.

Here's the story..
Hubby and I met and started dating, you know how it goes, guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy buys girl a ring. yada yada yada.
Our wedding day is here and most things go off without a hitch. So wedding is over and we arrive at the hotel that our reception is at. The hotel has 2 ballrooms. We have the smaller ballroom because the big ballroom was booked for another wedding. BTW we got married at the height of wedding season. I'm standing in the hotel lobby trying to figure out why the priest locked the photographer out of the church. (whole nother story) I look over and see the ex boyfriends uncle in a tux. I'm like why would he be here? Oh the other wedding. It takes a second and it dawns on me that the other wedding is my ex boyfriends! Yes you heard right my ex and I got married on the same day and had our receptions at the same place! Which I should have known b/c 3 weeks before I saw them listed in the paper under people who have applied for marriage licenses. I showed my sister and said what if they're getting married on the same day? She said that wouldn't happen.
Ya know this might be the awkward freaky story.
So back to the story,
I ask the wedding coordinator at the hotel if the other couple was ex boyfriend. She says yes why. I proceed to tell her that he's my ex boyfriend. In her 20 years of coordinating weddings for the hotel she has never had that happen. Crazy huh.
We end up going up stairs and toasting and I go to go to the bathroom and as I'm coming out of the bathroom I see ex boyfriend. I congratulate him and hug him and go back to my party. Well as I sit down Hubby says he needs to go to the bathroom, I tell him he should wait cuz you know who is in there.
All of ex boyfriends friends came over and said hello and chatted (they were all drunk but whatever) but I never saw his new wife.
To this day I don't know what she looks like but I know I married up.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

House Hunt

Chicago was great! But its good to be back home where I don't have to bundle up and wear tons of layers. St. Pats weekend in Chicago was awesome! I recomend it to everyone. We are actually going to do it again next year. It will become our tradition. The only thing a brought back from Chicago was...................a cold!
Right now I have a raspy voice. Its kinda sexy, if that kinda thing could be sexy.

I'm back at work and its really nice outside, so its making it really hard to work. I have also been looking at houses in our area to buy. We're saving up our down payment b/c I don't want to be house poor. I don't want to spend all our savings on a house. So lately we have been living poor so that future us can live happy. I found this one house that looks awesome! Unfortunately the paint on the inside is a bit too old fashioned for me. As in mauve walls aren't my style. I think its funny how the listing agent spins the bad parts of a home. Like "charming" home, meaning small. Or priced so that future owners can do upgrades, so its a fixer upper. I have already been the fixer-upper route and I'm going to pass. Hubby and I have agreed that the only fixing up we will do is paint and even that might be pushing it. See the old house I painted every room and when we went to sell it I repainted a couple of rooms. I'm sick of painting. Hubby sucks at painting. I think b/c he chooses to. He knows that if he does a crappy job at something I won't make him do it ever again. "Smart"thing he learned from his dad. I don't have the patients to teach him proper painting techniques. The other issue is trying to paint when you have 2 dogs that have to follow you everywhere you go. In the old house, one of our dogs stepped in the paint tray and then walked through the house. It was fun cleaning that up when you have new carpet. Luckily the paint was the same color as the carpet so not as noticeable.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green is in the air

I'm super excited today even with the lack of sleep I got last night. We leave for Chicago tonight and I''m pumped. I'm not pumped that it will be cold but I'm pumped that I get to see the river dyed green and the parade and other cool stuff.
I haven't been to Chicago since I was 9, I'm not counting making a connecting flight or taking someone to the airport. The hotel we are staying at is right on the parade route too. Its going to be a cold but good time. I'm ok with it being cold cuz this weekend is supposed to be pretty crappy here in TX.

Other issues.....I know this is going to sound bad but I don't care.

I told my husband that I want to have a baby before my sister in law has #3. We'll guess who will be trying for a new baby. HINT not me.
I know that it sounds stupid. Hubby and I have talked about having children and we both want them but now isn't a good time. I know if we didn't move we probably would have a child right now. But the moving thing and getting settled and all had delayed some plans. I know that I shouldn't plan when I want to have kids around someone else and I'm by no means thinking of getting pregnant any time soon either. I guess I'm indifferent about it. We have a lot going on right now and throwing a baby into the mix would not be a good thing. I guess I didn't think that they would be trying anytime soon. I guess its the I wanted to be the one who had the next kid not her. Oh well.

We'll I hope everyone has a good weekend

Monday, March 9, 2009

MOnday already

I can't believe that its Monday already. Boy the weekend flew by. We had perfect weather too. Saturday was really breezy but it was very warm. I'm getting used to this warm weather thing and not having to shovel snow or wear a bunch of layers. Sunday was perrrrrrrfect. It was 80, humid, and sunny. We got a lot of yard work done. Hubby cut down a tree! He is very proud of himself and wanted to cut more down. I had to put a stop to this. He over came his urge to chop stuff down. No I guess it would be the urge to chainsaw stuff down, (Plus he broke the chain) so we went to Lowes. But we only got Batteries and the paint stuff you put on the exposed stump.

I'm totally excited for next weekend cuz we are going to Chicago for St. Patty's, which is my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas. So we had to go shopping to buy warm clothes for the trip. Let me tell ya its very hard to find and shop for warm clothes when all the spring/summer stuff is out and is totally cute. The first store I ended up buying 2 short sleeved shirts and 2 camis. Not warm clothing. So I ended up finding a long button up sweater at Dillards. The check out lady gave us an odd look when we were buying it. Hubby told her we were going to Chicago for the weekend so she said oh ok. Yes there's nothing wrong with me, its 80 degrees outside and I'm buying a sweater. No I'm not over the age of 70.

I'm hoping that I will be warm enough and it won't be to cold. I have a fealing that the wind will be a bitch.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I have a severe sweet tooth. I can be sitting watching TV and out of the blue I will look at Hubby and say I have a craving for......(insert whatever dessert). He just laughs at me. Its bad, I'm a dentist's dream patient! I love sugar. I'm not diabetic, I'm borderline Hypoglycemic, but otherwise I love sweets. I can sit and eat a bag of candy and not stop, and then complain about a tummy ache. I know not to eat all the candy but its soo good. I love anything chocolate or gooey or syrupy. Sometimes I think I should open a bakery. But I know that I couldn't b/c I would want to eat everything I sell. So now you're wondering why I'm blogging about this....

Well I have had a craving for cheesecake, and Hubby doesn't like cheesecake, so it makes it hard to bake a whole cheesecake and have to eat it all by myself. Not that I'm complaining but usually my craving only lasts until its satisfied and then I move on to the next craving. Very crazy. I think Hubby has a hard time keeping up with my odd cravings.

The other thing I've been craving is carrot cake. I'm not sure why but it sounds supper yummy. Maybe its the cream cheese frosting. Maybe I could be the new spokes person for Philadelphia cream cheese? I dunno what the deal is.

But I'm super happy I found my Starburst Jelly beans! I love this time of year when all the Easter Candy is out. Tummy watch out you're gonna start hurting!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I've been meaning to post before TAT and after but I've been busy...

This happened the other day and I thought it was too funny that I didn't care how awkward it was..

My co-workers and I always walk over to the gas station and hang out. Its a mini work break and a chance to get some fresh air. The gas station has these mini basketballs that I always am attracted to. I always am playing with them and dribbling them and what not.
I asked my co-worker if she wanted to see my trick that I can do. (I'm going to call her Mary) She said is it this and shoves the basketball under her shirt so she looked like she was pregnant. Of course by this point we are laughing. I say yeah its that and shove the b-ball under my shirt and start dancing so that the ball is moving up and down. It was kinda like the drunk girl dance but without the arms waving in the air. I was trying to get the ball to move up and down.
Now we are laughing really hard and not paying attention to the people around us. Then Mary takes the b-ball and stuffs it into the top part of her shirt. At this moment some random guy looks at us like what is going on over there and what's wrong with these two ladies? Of course we see him giving us this questionable weird look and continue with the fun of the b-ball. Then I take the b-ball and stuff it into the top of my shirt.
At this point Dan our other co-worker says, "What are you two doing?"
I respond with: Playing with the mini b-balls
He says: Put it in the center of your shirt so it looks like you have one boob.
I take the b-ball out of my shirt b/c Mary and I are laughing so hard that we are almost crying.
Mary is talking about that guy that was looking at us with the confused look and how he probably thinks there is something seriously wrong with us. I tell her look at the ceiling who ever watches the security camera video will probably be thinking what in the world are these two doing. Then Dan tells us just watch out it will be on youtube in a week.
That's my awkward story. Thanks Tova!