Thursday, March 19, 2009

House Hunt

Chicago was great! But its good to be back home where I don't have to bundle up and wear tons of layers. St. Pats weekend in Chicago was awesome! I recomend it to everyone. We are actually going to do it again next year. It will become our tradition. The only thing a brought back from Chicago was...................a cold!
Right now I have a raspy voice. Its kinda sexy, if that kinda thing could be sexy.

I'm back at work and its really nice outside, so its making it really hard to work. I have also been looking at houses in our area to buy. We're saving up our down payment b/c I don't want to be house poor. I don't want to spend all our savings on a house. So lately we have been living poor so that future us can live happy. I found this one house that looks awesome! Unfortunately the paint on the inside is a bit too old fashioned for me. As in mauve walls aren't my style. I think its funny how the listing agent spins the bad parts of a home. Like "charming" home, meaning small. Or priced so that future owners can do upgrades, so its a fixer upper. I have already been the fixer-upper route and I'm going to pass. Hubby and I have agreed that the only fixing up we will do is paint and even that might be pushing it. See the old house I painted every room and when we went to sell it I repainted a couple of rooms. I'm sick of painting. Hubby sucks at painting. I think b/c he chooses to. He knows that if he does a crappy job at something I won't make him do it ever again. "Smart"thing he learned from his dad. I don't have the patients to teach him proper painting techniques. The other issue is trying to paint when you have 2 dogs that have to follow you everywhere you go. In the old house, one of our dogs stepped in the paint tray and then walked through the house. It was fun cleaning that up when you have new carpet. Luckily the paint was the same color as the carpet so not as noticeable.

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  1. glad you had a good time - i wish i had done something funny for st. pats.
    i wore green and that was about it.

    i feel ya on the house poor situation - that is my biggest fear in buying a house.