Friday, March 20, 2009

Freaky Fridays

So I'm following Adriana's post and posting a Freaky Friday story. Its a true story and not as freaky as her story which you can read here.

Here's the back story...
My ex boyfriend and I dated for 2 1/2 years, we lived together and he always referred to me as the wife when we would go out. Usually he was drunk and I would have to put up with him. He had this problem of blacking out when he was drinking. Anyway we broke up and after about 4 months we didn't talk at all. I ended up moving like 10 blocks away but we never ran into each other.

Here's the story..
Hubby and I met and started dating, you know how it goes, guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy buys girl a ring. yada yada yada.
Our wedding day is here and most things go off without a hitch. So wedding is over and we arrive at the hotel that our reception is at. The hotel has 2 ballrooms. We have the smaller ballroom because the big ballroom was booked for another wedding. BTW we got married at the height of wedding season. I'm standing in the hotel lobby trying to figure out why the priest locked the photographer out of the church. (whole nother story) I look over and see the ex boyfriends uncle in a tux. I'm like why would he be here? Oh the other wedding. It takes a second and it dawns on me that the other wedding is my ex boyfriends! Yes you heard right my ex and I got married on the same day and had our receptions at the same place! Which I should have known b/c 3 weeks before I saw them listed in the paper under people who have applied for marriage licenses. I showed my sister and said what if they're getting married on the same day? She said that wouldn't happen.
Ya know this might be the awkward freaky story.
So back to the story,
I ask the wedding coordinator at the hotel if the other couple was ex boyfriend. She says yes why. I proceed to tell her that he's my ex boyfriend. In her 20 years of coordinating weddings for the hotel she has never had that happen. Crazy huh.
We end up going up stairs and toasting and I go to go to the bathroom and as I'm coming out of the bathroom I see ex boyfriend. I congratulate him and hug him and go back to my party. Well as I sit down Hubby says he needs to go to the bathroom, I tell him he should wait cuz you know who is in there.
All of ex boyfriends friends came over and said hello and chatted (they were all drunk but whatever) but I never saw his new wife.
To this day I don't know what she looks like but I know I married up.

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  1. OK, sorry that this is off topic but, I have to ask about the dress... do you know where that dress in your picture comes from? I am on a mission to find it Thanks