Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I've been meaning to post before TAT and after but I've been busy...

This happened the other day and I thought it was too funny that I didn't care how awkward it was..

My co-workers and I always walk over to the gas station and hang out. Its a mini work break and a chance to get some fresh air. The gas station has these mini basketballs that I always am attracted to. I always am playing with them and dribbling them and what not.
I asked my co-worker if she wanted to see my trick that I can do. (I'm going to call her Mary) She said is it this and shoves the basketball under her shirt so she looked like she was pregnant. Of course by this point we are laughing. I say yeah its that and shove the b-ball under my shirt and start dancing so that the ball is moving up and down. It was kinda like the drunk girl dance but without the arms waving in the air. I was trying to get the ball to move up and down.
Now we are laughing really hard and not paying attention to the people around us. Then Mary takes the b-ball and stuffs it into the top part of her shirt. At this moment some random guy looks at us like what is going on over there and what's wrong with these two ladies? Of course we see him giving us this questionable weird look and continue with the fun of the b-ball. Then I take the b-ball and stuff it into the top of my shirt.
At this point Dan our other co-worker says, "What are you two doing?"
I respond with: Playing with the mini b-balls
He says: Put it in the center of your shirt so it looks like you have one boob.
I take the b-ball out of my shirt b/c Mary and I are laughing so hard that we are almost crying.
Mary is talking about that guy that was looking at us with the confused look and how he probably thinks there is something seriously wrong with us. I tell her look at the ceiling who ever watches the security camera video will probably be thinking what in the world are these two doing. Then Dan tells us just watch out it will be on youtube in a week.
That's my awkward story. Thanks Tova!

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  1. Haha! If it does end up on Youtube, you better put the link to the video on your blog!