Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

Ok so one New Years Hubby and I decided to play it low key and not go out to the bars. Our friends Jon and Sara were doing the same thing. So we decided to have dinner together at a nice resturant and then go back to Jon and Sara's to drink and ring in the New Year.
Ya know how when you're drinking and decide that the person you're drinking with is really awesome and you can tell anything. Well that's what was happening.
I guess after a lot of drinks I feel like sharing my real feelings for people. It doesn't matter if I've known you for 5minutes or 5 years. And when I share my feelings there's no b/s, I hold nothing back. Well Sara proceeds to tell me that when she first met me (2yrs ago) she thought I was a bitch. I tell her no big deal a lot of people think that cuz I also hold nothing back and am brutally honest and I'm a take charge kind of girl.
I figure since we're sharing our feelings I tell her that I thought she was fat.
Ok I know, I know, how could I say that!
I'm mean.
I get that I don't like you very much anymore look and that wasn't cool. I get the feeling that its time for Hubby and me to leave.
Jon and Hubby both look at us like is there going to be a cat fight.
Of course I appologized. But you know I didn't get mad about being called a bitch. We were sharing.

BTW Hubby informed me that when I first met Sara that was at her all time skinniest.

Ok I'm rude. Thanks!


  1. Oh no! Are you guys on speaking terms yet?

  2. Yes and no. Her husband and I still talk and I'm her friend on Facebook. We're not as close as we used to be though.