Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I've been trying to think of awkward things that have happened to me and I'm working on remembering some of the things. I think I'm just trying to block them from my memory.
But today the awkward thing happened, so here goes.....

I had to drop off some paper work at another builing so on my way back to my office I decided to stop at Jack in the Box, for a smoothie. Its the only thing that I will order from there. I pull up to the drive thru line but its pretty backed up so I decide to go inside. I back into a parking spot and go inside. I come out 5 minutes later with my delicious smoothie. Not really paying attention I press the unlock button on the key fob and walk up to my car. I get next to the car and notice how exceptionally nice the car looks and then I think did I park this close? I look up and notice my car parked 2 spaces down. Duh-oh.
I then look around to make sure no one saw me and hurry up and get into my car and drive off.

I'm back at work telling my co-workers the story when we look out the window and there's this guy who is going to get into the driver's side of his SUV but opens the back door instead. He then realizes what he did gets out and gets in the driver's door. But not before he looked around to see if anyone saw what he did.


  1. Nice!! I never recognize my car. Ever. It's very sad.

  2. Ha! It's even funnier when you look around to see if anyone notices.

  3. Oh, that is scary, isn't it? You could have been that guy!

    But yeah, I have a red ford taurus. Do you know how many of those things are around? A lot.

  4. We have a green Maxima and its older. The car I went up to was a green Maxima that's 2 years newer than ours.

    The red taurus I could see the confusion.