Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm new to blogging but I love reading others' blogs. I'm not a writer. Infact growing up I hated writing. I guess I always thought it was too personal. But I figure what the heck have some fun with it. So here goes nothing.....
I called my blog Up Rooted because I moved a lot as a child like 10 times and I recently moved to Texas. So Up Rooted is the name.

When you move some place new you learn new things like:
People in Texas don't understand what merge means. I do because I got in trouble in drivers ed for just following the road and not signaling and not looking to see if there were any other cars. Here in Texas the people that are merging think that the people already in the lane have to make room for you and they should slow down. Not the case. I even had one lady driving right next to me looking at me like I was in her lane. She was almost driving off the road. So I might have a bit of roadrage.
Anyway hope you enjoy!


  1. Hey I saw found you from Tova's blog. Good luck and I hope you check my blog out.

  2. Thanks, I will check out your blog

  3. I hear Texas is pretty crazy, anyway.