Thursday, May 21, 2009

TMI Thursday- Puking at the Bar.

Here's my first post for TMI Thursday hosted by LiLu at Live It, Love It, you can go there and check out other TMI Thursday entries. They're hilarious.
TMI Thursday
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Here goes nothing.

It was my 23rd birthday and Christmas Eve. I had finished up with the family stuff and was headed to the bar. After arguing with my mom about wanting to go to the bar and her saying its Christmas Eve you shouldn't be going to the bar. Thank God for my Dad that told her its her birthday let her go to the bar. My dad rocks!
So I go to the popular bar in town that everyone frequents. Of course I go by myself since a lot of my friends are out of town. Obvious reasons. Since I frequent this bar a lot I know a lot of the staff so it was no big deal showing up by yourself. BTW I drove there too! Great combination.
Any who, I'm drinking and low and behold my best friend shows up with his roommates. I start hanging out with them and drinking and doing shots. It was awesome.
Then I feel that feeling, ya know the one, when you know everything is going to come back up. I lean under the pub table and vomit! Where I remember seeing a piece of shrimp from dinner. Then I excuse myself and go into the bathroom and throw up again. I know I'm sexy! I know the someone saw me do this but I wasn't cut off or kicked out. How awesome is that!
I rinse out my mouth go back out and start drinking some more and pretend nothing happened.
Since my best friend and his roomies took a cab to the bar they drove my car and me back to their place! Where I don't remember much but woke up early the next morning grabbed McDonald's and headed home to spend Christmas in bed.
Granted I can't drink like this anymore. Once I vomit I'm done drinking.


  1. i think i only puked and rallied maybe one time in ALLLLL my years of champion drinking. when my stomach starts rejecting beverages, i am DONE :-)

  2. I can't do it that way anymore. I have though gotten past the hic-ups and rallied to keep drinking many times. The next day isn't fun though.