Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I know its a day late but I've been really busy. Thanks Tova for letting us share our Awkwardness.

This happened to me on Monday. Here's some back story. I went shopping this weekend and bought some cute new tops. I wore one of the new tops to work on Monday. Its a little flowy and took some getting used to. Let's just say if the wind is blowing right the shirt would blow up and show everyone my bra. Awesome!
So I'm at the Doctor's office Monday afternoon and I had my umbrella in my purse so the umbrella handle was sticking out of my purse. The nurse calls me back to room me and I stand up and grab my purse and go to put it on my shoulder when the umbrella handle gets caught in my flowy shirt and I expose the receptionist. Very Awesome! Luckily he didn't see anything and wasn't paying attention. I shot this weird look at the nurse but she wasn't paying attention either. I guess I had the best awkward moment, Nobody noticed except me.

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