Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

Ok so this has been going on for some time. I have an issue with my panties. I know how could someone have a problem with their panties.
Anyway, I had bought a bunch of new panties from Victoria Secret and the new ones have the tag imprinted on the fabric instead of the tag that sticks out. Which is awesome. So one day I'm in the bathroom and I look at my panties and think Oh my gosh I have my panties on backwards. But no I didn't they were thongs. How do you put thongs on backwards and not realize it. No Victoria Secret has put the tag imprint on the inside front on the panties. I had a freak out moment and then it was gone.
Other issue
I put my panties on inside out a lot. I don't do this intentionally I guess I'm not really paying attention. So last night after running and what not I was changing to go to bed. (No I didn't shower afterwards b/c I was being very lazy and didn't feel like it) So I look down at my panties while I'm peeing and notice that the VS on the front of them is VS and not SV. The VS is against my body and not on the outside like it should be. So I go into the other room and tell my husband
ME: Guess what I did again?
Hubs: What
Me: point at my panties
Hubs: Laughing: Not again, you have a problem
Me: I know why can't I put my panties on the right way
Hubs: That's your TAT post.
Me: haha
So then we're laying in bed and he says
Hubs: I can't believe you didn't switch them to the right way
Me: Yea well I've already worn them the wrong way no point in switching now.

I have put my panties on inside out like 5 times. I guess I get confused? I dunno. But it's pretty awkward!

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  1. I've definitely worn myine inside out. And once you figure it out, there's definitely no point in switching.

    By the way, I totally can't say the word "panties." It bothers me. I always say "underwear." I'm pretty sure that I have a problem...